The Data Management Team is pleased to offer Cognos version 11.2.2. This section will provide information and resources related to the new version of Cognos.

If you need to get up to speed quickly, use our handy Cognos 11.2 Quick Start Guide.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have existing scheduled reports or other items, you will need to renew your credentials as soon as possible after the upgrade occurs.

What has changed?

This upgrade brings the following changes to Cognos:

  • New login process
  • Minor navigational interface changes
  • Cosmetic changes to the report authoring interface
  • New administrative functionalities such as the ability to add report and folder descriptions
  • Exciting features & benefits for report authors (see next section)

Key Features & Benefits for Report Authors

The biggest benefit in this version of Cognos is the ability for report authors to create Data Modules. Data Modules can be created from multiple packages in different domains — or even from an external data source via file upload — and then combined to accomplish cross-domain reporting – no special project requests necessary!

We are also rolling out the ability for report authors to create Dashboards, a great way to perform visual analysis on your data. ‘Datasets’ can be created from packages to act as the data source for your dashboard.

Training & Resources

Training and resources are evolving. We are currently offering the following resources to help you get started with the new version of Cognos and make the most of the great new features and benefits. Check back here for additional resources as they become available.

Important Note about Query Studio Reports

As of the upgrade to Cognos version 11.2.2, Query Studio reports will no longer be editable in any browser, making them read-only. We encourage any Query Studio report users to convert those reports into the more current Report Studio format, as Query Studio is becoming deprecated.