This page describes how to engage the Data Management team to help with your data related initiatives. The purpose of this information is to clarify what the Data Management team needs from the requestor and what the Data Management team will commit to provide.

The Data Management team offers many services, such as data services, archival services, data education services, etc. Services like data and archival can be requested by business units to meet their analytical or data archival needs. The Data Management team will initiate a project for every service request. This will ensure that each project follows established guidelines and will have appropriate oversight.

To initiate a project, one must submit the data project intake form. Each project initiated should have a business sponsor. The Executive Director of Data Management will sponsor all technical and maintenance projects.

Who is a sponsor? A sponsor is someone within the organization who has budgetary responsibility and can allocate funds or resources to the sponsored project. The primary responsibility of the sponsor is to provide guidance on scope, funding and timeline expectations.

Data projects are complex and analytical possibilities and tool capabilities change often. The Data Management team needs external support from subject matter experts (SMEs) to successfully complete data projects. SMEs such as:

  1. Business SMEs – Individuals from the business units who understand the business functions that create and/or operate on data
  2. Technical SMEs – Individuals from the technical team who manage or administer the business application that hosts the data
  3. Data stewards – Individuals who are the stewards of the data and can help with data lineage, security and access decisions

The Data Management team will evaluate and slot all project requests to various financial quarters of the year. Please note that assignment of a project to a quarter does not guarantee the delivery of the project in that quarter, but ensures that the project will be part of quarterly planning activities. If a project moves from one quarter to another, the Data Management team will inform all involved parties.

Projects will remain in the “planning” state until they become “active”. All active projects will have a Project Manager assigned from the Data Management team to maintain necessary project deliverables and ensure communication. The Data Management team will run multiple projects during a given quarter and, to ensure that we provide consistent reporting on all active projects, we shall provide a monthly report on all active projects in the third week of the month. The monthly report will posted in Box for reference and sharing.