Journals Package Refactored

Following are the changes that have been made to the Workday Journals package in Cognos. See more package details on the Workday Journals Package description page.

New fields

  • Journal > Journal Amount Type
    • This is Activity or Beginning Balance.  This is a prevalent option in Workday reporting.  It will be ‘Beginning Balance’ for journal lines with a journal source of ‘Beginning Balance’ and ‘Activity’ for all other Journal Sources. 
    • We will not be pulling Ending Balance transactions into the DW.  These are a calculation of Beginning Balance – Activity.  We will be using these transactions for audit purposes.
  • Journal Ledger Period Year & Journal Ledger Period Month
    • The values for the year and month of the ledger period. 
  • Journal > Journal Operational Flag
    • Yes for Operational Journal, otherwise N
  • Journal > Journal Reversed Flag
    • Yes if the Journal has been Reversed, otherwise N
  • Journal Line > Journal Line Balance Sheet Ledger Account ID

Changed Fields

  • Journal Line Debit/Credit Amount have been replaced with Journal Line Transaction Debit/Credit Amount.
    • This is a more descriptive title for the values before conversion to USD.  Mouseover has also been added for these.
  • The Assignee and FFROwner tied to the Journal Line are now for the Grant associated with the Journal Line rather than the Journal Line Transaction itself.
  • Journal Status
    • This is no longer in its own table, it is now in Journal.  Only ‘Posted’ transactions will be in the warehouse.
  • Journal Book Code now displays ‘Common’ instead of null for Common Book Code transactions.
    • This will enable us to add a new Book Dimension to support Book based financial reporting.
  • Journal > Journal Operational Transaction Type
    • There are more non-null types now
  • Journal  > Journal Operation Transaction
    • This now has the business facing ID in it where available.  E.g. Supplier Invoice ‘SI00002771’ instead of ‘SUPPLIER_INVOICE-3-2802’
  • Journal Line > Memo
    • Memo data is now also available for Manual Journal lines.

Removed Fields

  • Journal Line Measures > Journal Line Currency Conversion
    • Not available with Journal Line Connector
    • This can be calculated if necessary by dividing the Transaction Debit/Credit Amount by the Ledger Debit/Credit Amount.
  • Journal > Accounting Journal ID
    • Not available with Journal Line Connector
  • Journal > Journal Record Quantity Flag
    • Not available with Journal Line Connector
  • Journal > Journal Total Ledger Debits/Credits
    • All measures in Journal Line Measures
  • Journal > Journal Balancing Fund
    • Not available with Journal Line Connector