As WashU moves into Workday, we need a plan to retire our legacy systems and to archive those systems’ data.

The system retirement strategy implemented as part of the MyDay program will ensure that all data in our legacy systems – HRMS and AIS – are accounted for, archived, and accessible, while retiring these systems in a timeframe that makes sense for the university both operationally and financially.

Retiring HRMS & AIS

When Workday goes live in July 2021, AIS and HRMS will become view-only except for FY21 closing and payroll business processes.

View-only means users will still be able to see data within the systems but won’t be able to make any updates to the data. Inquiries and reports can still be run, and documents can be downloaded, but any functions that update data will be hidden or turned off.

Update access for payroll closing is estimated to run through July 2021, and update access for FY21 close activities is estimated to run through Sept. 2021.

Read-only mode for AIS and HRMS will last for one year after Workday goes live. Then, both AIS and HRMS will be shut down in July 2022.

  • This timeframe will provide AIS and HRMS users with a full year of access to those systems after we go live with Workday.
  • At this point, there will be one fiscal year (FY22) of data established in Workday.
  • Retiring AIS and HRMS a year after Workday goes live will minimize licensing and maintenance costs required to keep those systems running.

Accessing HRMS & AIS data post-shutdown

All data from HRMS and AIS will be saved, or archived.

No data will be lost; however, the way we access that data will vary. Data will either be accessible through Cognos or available upon request.


After HRMS and AIS are shut down, most of those systems’ data will be available for anyone at WashU to access through a tool called Cognos, which connects to the university’s data warehouse.

HRMS and AIS already send most of their data to the data warehouse; however, some of the data lives exclusively in the source systems. The project team is performing analysis to determine which of these system-exclusive data need to be added into Cognos for reporting. By Jan. 2022, we will build new reports in Cognos to make this data available for reporting as well.

For example, the financial source documents accessed today via Document Inquiry in AIS (ex: purchase orders, journals, travel advances, check requests) are only available in AIS.


Starting in Jan. 2022, we recommend that anyone who’ll need HRMS or AIS data after shutdown (in July 2022) begins to learn how to use Cognos. This will provide a 6-month overlap period to learn the new system while HRMS and AIS are still available in read-only mode.

Requesting data

Some data will only be available upon request from the data archive. The specific request process will be shared closer to July 2022.


July 2021​

  • Workday HR and Finance go-live
  • AIS and HRMS access switch to read-only mode for all users except for staff involved in FY21 financial closing and payroll business processes
  • Begin shutdown of legacy processes​ and non-production environments
  • TBD: Access to AIS and HRMS for new employees as of July 1, 2021.

January 2022 ​

  • New reports become available in Cognos to account for key data that is only available in HRMS and AIS today
  • Cognos training begins: How to use Cognos and how to access the data you need
  • Users will still have read-only access to AIS and HRMS to look up historical data

July 2022

  • All access to HRMS and AIS removed​
  • Final system shutdowns
  • All historical data will be accessed through the data warehouse or requested from the data archive

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