RMS Other Support – NIH Format Report

The ‘Other Support – NIH Format’ report is required by the NIH sponsor as part of the proposal submission, at just-in-time, or in the progress report. This format of the report is as per NIH guidelines. Other sponsors will have different formats for proposal submissions.

The Data management team has developed an ‘Other Support’ report in the new NIH format using data in the RMS datamart to support these requests.  This report does not currently include research activities that are not captured in RMS such as clinical trials, in-kind support, or research sponsored outside of the university.

You can locate this report in Cognos under Team Content > Reports > Research Reporting > Pre Award > Other Support- NIH Format.

Report Access

Running this report in Cognos will require RMS security in the data warehouse. Anyone with current RMS data warehouse security will be able to see all of the data on the report.

If you find that you do not have the appropriate access to see data on this report, please click the button below to request RMS security access.


Business Rules

Dollar Amounts Dollar Amounts : If it’s pending or does not have awards, use the Budget Dollar from this proposal/child proposal only.  If it’s awarded, this is the cumulative amount for the entire project.  Revisions and SubProjects only include their own dollars.
Dates Dates :  Project/Proposal Start and End Dates – if it’s awarded and has awards, use the max and min dates from the award entries, excluding Project Advance entries.  For pending and awarded w/ no awards, use the Project From and Thru dates from the Proposal.
PI – Use the prime PI UDF for the record if it exists
– if the prime PI UDF is blank use the Prime PI UDF for the Root Proposal
– If the prime PI UDF on the Root Proposal is also Blank then use Record PI
Project NumberFor the Project Number look for the first non-blank field in the following list;  FAIN, Agency Number, root FAIN, root Agency Number
Major GoalsFor the following columns look at the proposal first and if the value is blank, pull the value from the root proposal;  Major Goals, Location of Project, Overlap 
Revisions  List revisions as a separate project entry.  Only include people and years on the Revision itself. 
Only include Award dollars for the Revision itself.
Sub Projectsa. Use the PD row if a PT row does not exist.
b. Use the status, PI, and Project Number from the Main Budget Proposal.
c. Include SubProjects as a separate project entry.  Only include people and years on the SubProject itself.
d. Only include Award dollars for the SubProject
Main BudgetInclude people from the SubProjects on the Main Budget project.  For these, only include the project year listed in the SubProject. 
Child ( Continuation) and Parent Proposal For child projects, add personnel from the Parent Proposal in addition to anybody new on the Child.  Also include the out years from the root proposal for everyone.
SubProjects and Revisions are handled differently.  See items above for these types. 

To generate the report, run by Individual and “As of” Date.

RMS allows flexibility at the discretion of the DA when developing budgets which may impact how the data is displayed on the report.  It is important to review the output and adjust the report as needed to ensure accuracy.  Reports can be exported as a PDF, saved on the desktop and then converted to word for editing.

Known Issues and Enhancements

Please note that this is an ongoing project. We are aware of the issues below and are working to have them corrected in the next round of edits. 

  • Active funds “Total Award Amount” will include only the amount that has been awarded to date in the current renewal project period. 
  • “Project/Proposal Start Date” Renewal start dates are the beginning of the current award cycle and not the life of the award.

We appreciate your feedback by completing this survey, which will help determine any additional fixes that will need to be made.  

Frequent changes that will need to be made to the Other Support report and updates that should be made in RMS

Below is a list of changes we recommend you make in RMS PT in order for your Other Support Reports to include the appropriate information.

  • Update the status of pending RMS if it is not being funded.
  • Add Major Goals and Primary Place of Performance on current RMS that are active or pending.
  • Include the Major Goals, Key Words, and Primary Place of Performance in new RMS.


  1. RMS – search for the parent RMS
  2. Select Proposal Tracking – Edit
  3. On the Summary Screen enter both the “Major Goals” and the “Location of Project”


  1. RMS: search for the parent RMS
  2. Select Proposal Tracking > Edit
  3. Select Status History
  4. Click the dropdown under Status and select “Not Funded by Sponsor”


When entering the effort or calendar months in the Budget Detail tab, hit “tab” after entering the effort or calendar months instead of “enter” and it will fill in the out years as well as percent of effort and calendar months on the Effort Periods tab.

Calendar months are pulled from RMS and should be updated/confirmed with workday PCAs in order to have the most up-to-date information.

Additional Resources