Data at WashU is the go-to information hub for business users who wish to leverage the university’s data assets for analytics, governance and integration. Data is essential to facilitate a culture of data-driven decisions at all levels of our organization. These curated data resources are designed to empower analysts, data scientists, API developers, and data governance communities at WashU to harness the power of data.

Data and Analytics

WashU has defined a strategic vision to develop a centralized repository of data so that a shared, single source of truth may exist.

Data Governance

WashU’s Data Governance Program is an institution-wide initiative, focused on a strategic vision and guiding principles.

Student Data Program

The Student Data Program will bring student-related data from many different source systems into the WashU Data Warehouse.

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What’s a Data Warehouse?

BI Tools


IBM Cognos Analytics is the primary tool used for reporting on and analyzing data in the WashU Data Warehouse. 


Tableau helps create visualizations that can be understood by professionals at any level in an organization.

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is an intuitive tool that provides users the ability to aggregate, analyze, visualize and share data. 

Data Governance

Explore Data Governance

Data governance ensures WashU’s data is accurate, consistent, and understood through the creation of structures, processes and tools. Through these combined efforts, data governance allows WashU to manage its data as a valuable asset.

Data Dives

Dive into data with the newest way to get right to what you need, no experience required.

Data Makes a Difference

Learn how data helped shape WashU’s annual Economic Impact report.