Data at WashU is the go-to information hub for business users who wish to leverage the university’s data assets for analytics, governance and integration.

Data is essential to facilitate a culture of data driven decisions within units and departments. Here you can find artifacts and information related to the various aspects of university data. Data at Washington University in St. Louis is governed by many policies, guidelines and leading practices. These curated data resources are designed to empower analysts, data scientists, API developers, and data governance communities at WashU to harness the power of data.

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Data Governance

See how the Office of Data Governance (ODG) maximizes the value of the university’s data


Frequently asked questions about the data warehouse, and the changeover from legacy systems

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Data governance ensures WashU’s data is accurate, consistent, and understood through the creation of structures, processes and tools. Through these combined efforts, data governance allows WashU to manage its data as a valuable asset.

The WashU Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse Source Systems

Just a few of the key data sources currently housed in the data warehouse: