Washington University’s Office of Data Governance (ODG) supports a robust, innovative, shared decision-making framework by leveraging our people, processes and technology to effectively and properly manage our data as a strategic asset. ​

Our Strategic Vision

  • We will strive for excellence in data accuracy, data consistency, and data integrity through stewardship, enabling better decisions through data confidence. ​
  • We will hold data policies, procedures, standards, intake processes and promote best practices to enhance collaboration and cohesiveness in delivering best in class institutional data. ​
  • We will focus with great intentionality towards foundational governance program pillars to deliver profound business value in our data artifacts across the institution.​
  • We will consistently monitor and measure the outputs of our program through key metrics/KPI’s, and most importantly the health of our data that runs our institutional processes. ​
  • We will leverage executive sponsorship, the broader data stewardship structure and the data governance office spanning across our 10 data domains to lead by example to achieve a sustainable data and analytical driven culture. ​

Our Guiding Principles

  • Stewardship ​& Inclusivity
  • Data Accessibility
  • Data Usage
  • Data Quality & Controls
  • Data Security & Privacy
  • Data Transparency – “data decision-making”​
  • Data Responsibility & Accountability​
  • Change Adoption – “data governance means change”​
  • Partnership & Collaboration​

Our Collibra Pillars

Data Governance is a shared responsibility between our people, our processes and our business functions, interacting with our data.  Data Governance is a set of procedures and functionalities to manage availability, usability, integrity and security of data across WashU. 

Collibra is the Data Governance data intelligence application supporting our stewardship structure by streamlining and organizing responsibilities and workflows for our data stewards and data coordinators. WashU utilizes Collibra as the technology platform supporting our people and processes in data governance, and the foundational piece providing a platform for communication, action, and data enablement.

3 Pillars of DG

Our Data Governance Framework

Data Driven Decisions & Measurable Outcomes