Cognos training is divided into two primary tracks to support our two primary audiences: report users and report authors (also known as report builders, creators or developers).

Report Users

Report users are individuals who need to access and run shared/pre-built reports in Cognos, but do not need to build custom reports from scratch.

Report Authors

Report Authors is are individuals who do currently or are interested in creating, or authoring, custom reports from scratch, using data from the WashU data warehouse.

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Cognos Report User training path

Cognos Basics – Basic e-learning module required for all Cognos users of all types

Cognos Analytics: Managing Shared Reports – for users who need to run, but do not write, reports. 

Cognos Report Author training path

Cognos Basics – Basic e-learning module required for all Cognos users of all types

Cognos Report Author series – a curriculum of instructor-led trainings designed especially for Cognos Report Authors at WashU

Cognos Report Author curriculum

The Cognos Report Author course is an instructor-led training series that includes three courses, each providing more in-depth instruction on how to use Cognos Analytics.

Cognos Report Author 101

In Cognos Report Author 101, you’ll learn what types of reports you can create using Cognos Analytics and how to navigate the interface. You’ll also learn to complete essential tasks such as creating a basic list report, saving and running a report, applying filters and formatting, and creating prompts.

Prerequisite: Cognos Basics

Cognos Report Author 201

In the second part of the Cognos Report Author training series, you’ll learn to create and format more complex reports, such as crosstab reports, reports with counts or advanced summaries, and charts. You’ll build upon your 101 knowledge of filtering, formatting, and prompts, including learning how to develop a cascading prompt. You’ll also learn how to implement basic functions and calculations and basic “if/then/else” expressions. After completing this session, you’ll be able to enhance your report designs with tables and objects, and then reuse those layout components within the same report or across separate reports.

Prerequisite: Cognos Report Author 101

Cognos Report Author 301

NOTE: This training is still under development
In the final installment of this three-part training series, you’ll learn how to create advanced charts and visualizations, including dashboards. You’ll build upon your 201 knowledge of crosstab reporting to develop a nested crosstab report and convert a list to a crosstab. Formatting is taken to the next level with drill-throughs, conditionals and variables. You’ll also learn how to hide menu items, create advanced layouts like tabbed reports, and how to format in bulk. Last but not least, you’ll create a report using data from multiple sources.

Prerequisite: Cognos Report Author 201