The Student Data Program will bring student-related data into the WashU Data Warehouse for the first time. While a principal component of that is focused on adding data from Workday Student, we are also focusing on bringing in data from Admissions, Financial Aid, and Learning Management (LMS) tools, as well as SIS historical data, to name just a few. It is not just about bringing that data in that makes the prospect of a WashU Student Data Warehouse exciting, it is that all this data (and future data) will be interconnected to enhance the university’s ability to perform analytics. Additionally, Student data will be connected to non-student data. Examples include connecting Student data to Workday HCM data to support detailed reporting on Student Workers or Course Instructors.

Initial Targeted Data

These are the areas and systems that will be initially focused on to build the foundational elements of the WashU Student Data Warehouse. Once complete, we will begin exploring bringing in other student data systems to continue to build out a complete view of a student.

Sources of Data


This will initially focus on Slate Undergraduate and Slate Graduate systems

Financial Aid

Includes PowerFAIDS for both Danforth and WUSM

Workday Student

Academic record, registration, curriculum, advising, student financials

Workday Student Gaps

Census 4th & 10th week snapshots, Waitlists, WUSM Phase 3 Reporting and support reporting for the Student grading process

Student Info System

SIS Reporting database*, plus select components of SIS* combined with Workday Student, related archival for replaced/retired systems

Learning Mgmt System

Canvas (selected data elements)

*Planned for retirement