WashU’s Data Governance Program is a university-wide, data driven program focused on a strategic vision and guiding principles to support a robust, innovative, shared decision-making framework by leveraging our people, processes and technology to effectively and properly manage our data as a strategic asset. 

What is Data Governance?

  • Provides organizational framework for data guidelines / standards to effectively manage data
  • Maximize the value of the University’s data while minimizing risk
  • Empowers people across the university with the knowledge and tools to make smart data decisions

Benefits of Data Governance

Data Governance is essential for unlocking the full potential of data assets:

  • Superior Decision-Making
  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Improved Data Quality
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Increase Collaboration


WashU uses a data intelligence platform called Collibra to support the university’s data governance efforts. Collibra contains business terms, report catalog and many data artifacts. Collibra also assists data stewards and data coordinators by streamlining and organizing responsibilities, establishing workflows for decision making. For more information, visit our Collibra Data Governance Overview page.

Personnel and Policies

WashU owns all university data, the Office of Data Governance (ODG) provides the leadership and collaborative efforts to determine the community’s data-related responsibilities. 

Our governance framework serves three primary purposes:

  1. Assigns stewardship, management, and custodianship responsibilities for university data.
  2. Empowers leadership to advise the university community regarding procedures for the effective management and protection of the data consistent with the needs of the university.
  3. Recommends data-related standards and protocols

Stewardship Community

The Office of Data Governance (ODG) will lead the strategic effort, while our Data Stewardship community, who are most familiar with a specific data domain will be actively engaged.

Data Stewards and Data Coordinators meet monthly with the Office of Data Governance (ODG) to discuss topics surrounding WashU’s data, business term maturity, workflow processes, data governance best practices, and Collibra training.

In order for data governance to be successful it must be a shared responsibility across business functions, information technology, and anyone who interacts with data.

Contact the Office of Data Governance (ODG)

For additional questions and information regarding WashU’s Office of Data Governance Program, please contact our team at: datagovernance@wustl.edu