This page outlines security and access information for the data warehouse, which can be accessed via reporting tools Cognos, Tableau, and PowerBI, as well as information on accessing Collibra. For information on system-specific security, contact the security administrator for that system.

Access to data in the data warehouse is managed by data stewards through the Office of Data Governance. Data stewards are trained members of the WashU business community who have expert knowledge of data within their domain, such as human resources, financial, or academic data. Individuals are granted access to data based on their job functions. Users can request access to specific data sources or reports by following the procedures outlined below.

Access Requests by System

Cognos Data and Reports

Cognos Data

If you find that you do not have access to current data and need to request it, click the appropriate link below. (see next section if you need to request legacy or archive HRMS/AISreport access)

Please note that if you are granted access to this data, you will also be able to access that data via other tools such as Tableau and PowerBI.

Access Request Forms
Workday HCM Packages
Workday Financial Packages and Year Over Year reports
Research Reporting (RMS), Pre-Award, and NIH Packages
Space Packages
Awards Packages
Additional Sensitive Fields (Compensation, FFR, Gifts, etc.)
COI Packages

If you do not see a link that is appropriate for the data to which you need access, please submit a ticket in ServiceNow to request access and indicate which data you need.

Legacy & Archive HRMS/AIS Cognos Reports

Some of the pre-written reports in Cognos that will be used in lieu of the AIS & HRMS system retirements require specific access to be granted in order to see/run them. If you need to request access to AIS or HRMS reports in Cognos, please click the button below.


Request a new Tableau Site

Request a WU Public Tableau project space

To request access to an existing Tableau site or dashboard, you will need to directly contact that site or project owner for permission. 

Data Management does not handle Tableau Desktop application pricing, purchasing, or installation. If you need a Tableau Desktop license, please submit a support ticket via ServiceNow.


Please see the ‘Access’ section of the PowerBI page for more information.


Anyone with a WUSTL Key can access Collibra by going to the Collibra website at

We have an incident category set up in Service Now for questions concerning Collibra.  You may also email the Office of Data Governance at