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Collibra & Coffee is every 3rd Friday, each month @ 8:30-9:15am

Collibra & Coffee is an open office hour series held monthly to support our WashU community learn more about Collibra. This series is informal and dynamic to allow for ease of questions, dialogue, knowledge sharing, exchanges of business use cases, best practices, performing demos, sharing tips & tricks and much more!

The next Collibra & Coffee is scheduled for: 6/21/24.

Agenda: TBD

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WashU’s Office of Data Governance (ODG) leverages the best-in-class, Data Intelligence platform, Collibra. Collibra effectively and efficiently stores WashU’s data artifacts in order to develop trusted data for analytical insights, enabling succinct, smarter business decisions across the University.

Collibra is the source of truth for WashU’s Data Governance Program and Data Stewardship activities.

Collibra manages report & dashboard inventory, process workflows, business definitions, key performance indicators (KPIs), and other metrics, to support our Data Stewardship Community in their day-to-day activities by providing traceability between our people, our processes and our technology. Collibra is an important component toward achieving our vision of accurate, consistent and understood data throughout the University.

WashU employees with a WUSTL Key can access our Collibra site. The Collibra Training Page contains a mix of quick start videos and end user reference guides demonstrating Collibra’s functionality. 

Collibra Browser Extension is an extension for Chromium-based browsers, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Providing quick access to information in your Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud allowing you to quickly search for definitions of business terms and acronyms from any web page against your Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud environment. Thus, when browsing a web page, you can easily find more information from your Collibra environment about any text displayed on the current page, without having to open the web interface of Collibra.

If you have admin rights on your computer or laptop, you can download and install the Collibra Browser Extension from the web store of your browser. If not, you will need to contact IT Support and have them download it for you.

Collibra’s Key Features

Collibra is WashU’s Data Intelligence platform. Some key features include:

Visit the business glossary
Visit the Report Catalog

Business Glossary

The Collibra Business Glossary helps you understand the definitions of business terms, acronyms and other data artifacts.


The Report Catalog contains Report and Dashboard Inventory to help you easily locate data through reporting capabilities.

Visit the Stewardship Site
Operational Data

Data Stewardship

Our Data Stewardship Community is comprised of Data Stewards, Data Coordinators and Data Partners who are cross-functional leaders chosen to build a foundation for collaboration and strategic decision making.

Data Stewards and Data Coordinators provide guidance and expertise to effectively maintain their assigned Data Domain.

Operational Data

Within Collibra, operational data is known as the data dictionary or metadata. A data dictionary is the centralized repository of the data, while metadata is data about our data.

Metadata is referred to as a set of information describing the contents, format and structure of the data artifacts.

This capability will be enabled in the future.

Collibra Resources

Training materials, documentation, and reference guides can be found in the training page within Collibra.

Contact the Office of Data Governance (ODG)

For additional questions and information regarding WashU’s Office of Data Governance Program, please contact our team at: