What is Data Stewardship?

Data Stewardship provides a framework for caring about our data to ensure consistency, accuracy and quality. Effective stewardship is a collaboration and a shared responsibility between business functions, information technology, and anyone who interacts with data.

Executive IT Governance Committee

The Executive IT Governance Committee consists of University officers who provide executive level support, guidance and sponsorship to the Data Governance program. 

The Executive IT Governance Committee will:

  • Identify representatives for the Data Governance Council & Data Administrators
  • Resolve issues escalated by the Data Governance Council
  • Ensure data governance and institution strategies are in alignment
  • Assist in removing barriers to the implementation and on-going operations of the program

Data Governance Council

The Data Governance Council is comprised of Data Administrators and other senior officials who have planning, policy-level and management responsibility for data within their functional areas.  The Data Governance Office will be ex-officio members. 

The Data Governance Council will:

  • Review and approve data governance policy, standards, guidelines, and procedures
  • Further the overall vision and guiding principles of data governance
  • Resolve issues escalated by Data Stewards
  • Escalate issues to the Executive IT Committee
  • Monitor and review overall Data Governance Program
  • Hold ongoing meetings

Data Administrators

Data Administrators are responsible for strategic planning, policy, and oversight of the subsets of Institutional Data in their functional areas. Data Administrators are responsible for establishing procedures and communicating policies to the University community applicable to Institutional Data in their functional area. Among the roles defined by this Policy, the Data Administrator has the highest level of responsibility for the management of Institutional Data and to promote proper access, accuracy, privacy, integrity, security and availability of the data for which they have responsibility. Data Administrators have responsibility for the activities of designated Data Stewards, Coordinators, and others to whom they grant authority and access.  Also, as members of the Data Governance Council, Data Administrators are advisors to the Executive IT Committee.

Data Administrators will:

  • Support Data Governance Program from an Executive standpoint.​
  • Approve, support, and promulgate escalated data governance policy, standards and guidelines pertaining to their data domain.​
  • Appoint Data Stewards and oversee their responsibilities.​
  • Attend Data Governance Council meetings.​

Data Partners

Data Partners include business and IT individuals who support and assist data governance.  Data Partners will also assume technical roles and thus will be responsible for the management and security of data systems and the delegation of authority to individuals in such roles. Data Partners will coordinate with Data Stewards and other individuals with administrative responsibilities for Institutional Data to ensure appropriate access rights and permissions are granted for the use of Institutional Data.

The Data Partners will:

  • Assess compliance with data governance related policies, standards and processes.​
  • ​Provide technical support​
  • Champion the integration of data governance within the standard IT Project Methodology.​
  • Enable Change Management and communication​

Data Stewards

Data Stewards, by virtue of their position or delegated authority from Data Administrators, have strategic planning, standard-setting, and oversight responsibilities for Institutional Data in their functional area and data governance activities pertaining to those areas. 

Data Stewards will:

  • Provide university-level knowledge and holistic data understanding for a data functional area ​
  • Promote effective data usage and compliance through planning, policy, and process.​
  • Assist to develop, implement, and oversee standards and processes for the day-to-day operational and administrative management of data.  Approve business terms, reports, and associated metadata.​
  • ​Collaborate with other functional areas to approve cross domain metadata.
  • Establish data-quality standards and metrics​
  • Responsible for selecting and overseeing data coordinators.​

Data Coordinators

Data Coordinators are subject matter experts designated by Data Administrators or Stewards and have operational responsibilities for the data in a particular subject area. Data Coordinators have day-to-day responsibilities for managing administrative processes and establishing business rules for effective data management.

Data Coordinators will:

  • Provide university-level knowledge as a SME for a specific data functional area​
  • ​Assist to implement and oversee standards and processes for the day-to-day operational and administrative management of data.​
  • Identify, define, and maintain key business terms, reports, and associated metadata.​
  • Address / research data-quality issues​
  • Responsible for communicating with applicable stewards​
IT Governance Executive Committee
  • Chancellor Andrew Martin, Chairperson
  • Beverly Wendland, Vice Chairperson
  • Monica Allen
  • Aaron Bobick
  • Legail Chandler
  • Matt Gabel
  • Amy Kweskin
  • Jenny Lodge
  • Paul Scheel
  • Richard Stanton
  • Greg Bedell, ex-officio
  • Stephanie Reel, ex-officio
Data Governance Council Members
  • Monica Allen
  • Shantay Bolton
  • Legail Chandler
  • Erin Culbreth
  • Anna Gonzalez
  • Pam Henson
  • Amy Kweskin
  • Jane Largen-Ruzicka
  • Jenny Lodge
  • Stephanie Reel
  • Richard Stanton
  • Rooji Sugathan
  • Beverly Wendland
Human Capital Management (HCM)

Data Administrator:

  • Legail Chandler, Vice Chancellor Human Resources


  • Carla Bailey – Training & Development
  • Jonathan Cohen – HCM Central, Compensation
  • Apryle Cotton – Position Management, Supervisory Organizations, Academic Appointments
  • Stella Elder – HCM Central, Payroll, Absence & Time Tracking
  • Joe Frank – HCM Central, Diversity
  • Tom Kraft – Compensation
  • Tina Miles – Payroll
  • Mark Prosperi – Recruitment & Talent
  • Mary Ruzicka – Position Management
  • Jennifer Schaefer – Benefits, Absence & Time Tracking
Finance (FIN)

Data Administrator:

  • Amy Kweskin, Vice Chancellor of Finance and Chief Financial Officer


  • Joe Gindhart – Sponsored Projects
  • Candice Goeggel – Gifts Accounting, Financial Accounting
  • Tim Goodwin – Facilities Management
  • Barry Guild – Annual Budget & Planning
  • Angie Leahy – Financial Accounting
  • Lois Lebert – Banking & Settlement, Fixed Assets, Procurement,Spend
  • Joe McGarry – Financial Accounting
  • Jim Mueller – Customer Accounts
  • Amy Nazzoli – Gifts Accounting
  • Eva Ostrow – Annual Budget & Planning
  • Greg Parrott – Procurement, Spend
  • Jamie Ryan – Facilities Management
  • Kathleen Schasch – Gifts Accounting, Investment Management, Customer Accounts, Financial Accounting
  • Tim Thornton – Annual Budget & Planning
  • Tom Vohs – Facilities Management
  • Yi Zhang – Clinical Studies

Data Administrator:

  • Pam Henson, Executive Vice Chancellor of University Advancement


Data Administrator:

  • Paul Scheel, Vice Chancellor Clinical Affairs


Data Administrator:

  • Shantay Bolton, Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Admin Officer


Data Administrator:

  • Beverly Wendland, Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor

Data Administrator:

  • Jenny Lodge, David T Blasingame Distinguished ProfMolecular Microbiology

Data Administrator:

  • Beverly Wendland, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor


  • Trevor Bilhorn – Academic Foundations and Core, Student Records, Admissions
  • Stephanie Brelsford – Curriculum Management
  • Vivian Eberhardt – Student Financials
  • Jeff Herman – Financial Aid
  • Lee Koelliker – Advising and Degree Audit
  • Kathy Steiner-Lang – Academic Foundations and Core, Student Records, Admissions
Student Engagement

Data Administrator:

  • Anna Gonzalez, Vice Chancellor Public Affairs
Support & Administration

Data Administrator:

  • Shantay Bolton, Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Admin Officer

Stewardship by Functional Area




Stewardship Structure


Contact Data Governance

For additional questions and information regarding Data Governance please contact us at: datagovernance@wustl.edu