The answer to this question will depend on whether you are interested in doing operational reporting or analytical reporting.

Operational Reporting

One of the most commonly asked questions as we transition into the new Workday / new Data Warehouse environment is “where do I go for my reports now?”. This information will help you to understand when to use Workday and when to use Cognos for your reports.

First, it is important to understand what we mean by “Legacy” data. Legacy data refers to Human Resources and Finance data prior to July 1, 2021. See the chart below for a visual representation of this.

  • Use Workday if you want to report on current Finance or Human Resources data
  • Use Cognos if you want to report on Legacy Finance or Human Resources data
  • Research and Space reporting will continue to be done in Cognos

Combining current data from Workday with legacy data from the warehouse

Right now

  • You can merge Workday data and Cognos (warehouse) data in Excel or other similar tools
  • This requires no additional access permissions, but will require advanced skills to merge data from two systems

Coming soon

Around early August, you will be able to generate this type of combo report right from Cognos or Tableau with new access permissions

Analytical Reporting

Reporting on multiple domains (Cross-domain reporting)

Coming Soon

Within the next few months, you will be able to generate a cross-domain report right from Cognos or Tableau with new access permissions.

Breakdown by Data Source


HRMS and FIS data will be visible, though not editable, inside HRMS and AIS for approximately one year after Workday has gone live. Both during and after that year, Pre-Workday data will be reportable from within Cognos, a reporting tool that connects to our data warehouse. HRMS and FIS data from after the Workday go-live date will be reported on from Workday.


RMS data will still be reported on from Cognos.


As part of the MyDay program, the reporting team collected reports currently used at WashU, including WebFOCUS reports, that were identified as necessary for HR and financial operations by academic and administrative units. These reports, including WebFOCUS reports, have been consolidated, designed and built in Workday.

Essentially, Workday reports should be able replace all WebFOCUS HR and financial reports. Note, though, that Workday reports will only work with data inside Workday, not pre-Workday HR or Finance data from WebFOCUS or any other system.

Pre-Workday HR and finance data, as well as other types of data, such as student data, will remain accessible in WebFOCUS until its retirement.