Retired Nov 15, 2022

HRMS & AIS Retirement

When Workday went live in July 2021, AIS and HRMS data became view-only except for FY21 closing and payroll business processes. Now that a full year has passed since Workday was implemented, there is one fiscal year (FY22) of data established in Workday and it is time to move away from our legacy systems.

The retirement of AIS and HRMS minimizes licensing and maintenance costs required to keep those systems running.

Accessing HRMS & AIS data post-shutdown

All data from HRMS and AIS has been saved or archived, and the way we now access that data will vary. Data will either be accessible through Cognos or available upon request.


Now that HRMS and AIS have been retired, most of those systems’ data will be available for anyone at WashU to access through a tool called Cognos, which connects to the university’s data warehouse.

HRMS and AIS sent most of their data to the data warehouse, although some of the data lived exclusively in the source systems. New operational AIS reports are now available in Cognos which have been designed to be comparable to former AIS screens.

Access Pre-written AIS Archive Reports

If you need to request access to the new, pre-written AIS Archive reports to do the work you previously did in AIS, click the button below.

Custom Operational Report Requests

If you need to request an enhancement to a pre-written Cognos report, or if you wish to request a new operational report that does not yet exist, please email us at


If you are not familiar with running reports in Cognos, we recommend taking the Cognos Basics and Managing Shared Reports e-learning modules on Learn@Work.  

Requesting data

Some data will only be available upon request from the data archive. If you need to request AIS or HRMS data that is not available in a Cognos report, or ePARS data, please click the button below.

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