Welcome to the WashU Integrations Portal! The purpose behind the portal is to provide Integrators, Functional and Technical Resources, and other interested parties from the greater WashU community a central location to find comprehensive information about WashU Integration Services and APIs (Application Programming Interface).

Whether you are a seasoned consumer of APIs, have an introductory understanding of integrations, or you are new to integrations and/or APIs, this site has information and documentation to educate you and help you reach our team.

Here is a breakdown of the contents of the portal and some of the topics covered. You can visit those sections by clicking the links on the right side of this page.

  • Requesting an Integration
    • I need to request a new integration
    • I need to request a change/enhancement to an existing integration
    • I want to understand the integration request process flow
  • WashU API Access
    • Step by Step details to request access to Wash U APIs
  • WashU Help Documents – Detailed How To documents for technical and functional topics such as:
    • Navigating the Anypoint Exchange
    • Help using WashU APIs
    • Installing and configuring Postman
    • Guidance with defining and managing People in Workday
  • Support
    • How to submit a ServiceNow request to help with API issues
    • Links to Workday help sites
  • Integrations Glossary
    • A dictionary of important API and integrations related terms
    • Links to the WashU Data Governance site