Before you can retrieve data from the WashU APIs, you require access. Please follow the steps below to make your request . If you need any assistance or have questions regarding this process, please see the Support Page for help.

The Integrations team will process your request and email your credentials to you. Once you have received the credentials, you may want to visit the API Help Documents page and review the Anypoint Exchange document for additional information.

Service Now – Submit a ticket

  1. Go to the Workday HR and Finance/Workday Integrations page in Service Now
  2. Click the API Access link
  3. Choose the API access that is required in the drop down. Choices are:
    • Financial
    • Organization
    • Location
    • Person
    • Supplier
  4. Select Yes/No if this if for an External Vendor
  5. Click order now

Anypoint Access – Create Credentials

  1. Go to 
  2. Click Log In at the upper right corner of the page
    1. If you have a WUSTL Key click Sign in with Washington University in St. Louis SSO
    2. If not, then create an Anypoint Platform account
    3. Once you’ve completed registration you should be back at the main portal page

Request Access to the API

  1. Goto the Anypoint Exchange
  2. Click the API (Person, Financial, Supplier, Location, Academic and Organization) you need access to.
    1. You will have to request access to each API separately.
  3. On the left hand side of the screen, click Home
  4. In the top right, click Request access.
  5. API Instance = The environment you need (Prod or Test)
    • You can only select Read-only
  6. Application – click Create a new application
    1. Please provide an Application name. You must include either Test or Prod in the naming convention. We recommend Application Name Test, such as DRA Subs Test.
      • You can leave the optional fields blank.
    2. It’s advised that you also have a Prod account. The naming convention would be Application Name Prod, such as DRA Subs Prod. This will ensure your test app doesn’t have access to production.
    3. You will need to request access to the Prod and Test environments separately.
  7.  Click Create
  8. A Request Access window opens with the API Instance and Application detailed. For Tier there is only one option Silver. Choose that and click request access.
  9. The request will route to the Mulesoft team for review and approval.