Data & Analytics holds a quarterly Data Roundtable in which we invite members the WashU analytical community to collaborate with us. This Roundtable is a platform for discussing opportunities within WashU’s analytical landscape and for Schools to help shape the strategy that is most beneficial to them.

The current Data Roundtable Council consists of the following community members:

Christopher Adkins

Director Financial Reporting – WUSM

WUSM Admin-Financial Resource Planning & Analysis

Timothy Bono

Associate Dean, Assessment & Analytics

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Ryan Croft

Assistant Univ Registrar, Data Analysis

University Registrar’s Office

Maggie Fiock

Senior Manager Data Analysis & Reporting

Arts & Sciences

Joe Frank

Director of Compliance Reporting

Human Resources

Candice Goeggel

Assistant Vice Chancellor/Assistant Dean Finance

WUSM Admin-Financial Resource Planning & Analysis

Brent Jenson

Senior Associate Dean of Finance and Operations

Olin Business School

Andrew Knight

Professor of Organizational Behavior

Olin Business School

Laura Kraus

Director of Reporting

Engineering-Administration & Finance

Chris Kroeger

Associate Dean Engineering/Applied Sciences

Engineering-Student Services

Nick Mangnall

Senior Statistical Data Analyst

Office of Vice Chancellor for Research

Manan Shroff

Senior Statistical Data Analyst

WUSM Admin-Research

Sharon Tomiser

Senior Financial Projects Analyst

CFU-Financial Planning & Budgets

Mark Womer

Director Business Operations

Business Office