The Student Data Program will bring student-related data from many different source systems into the WashU Data Warehouse for business analysis. The program is dedicated to collaborating with stakeholders within the schools and units to ensure that our activities are aligned with their needs and desired outcomes.

The Student Data Program is closely aligned with the Student Sunrise (Workday Student) program, but also uniquely separate in its mission.

Mission & Goals

Combine data from key systems to support operational, compliance, and strategic reporting

Historical data lookup and archival

Improve access to university data for decision-making, including addressing Workday gaps


The overall vision for this program is to provide a comprehensive view of the student throughout their journey at WashU.


How is this program different than Student Sunrise?

The Student Sunrise Program will advance our educational mission at WashU. A central component of the project is replacing our Student Information System (SIS) and many additional student administrative systems with Workday’s Student platform, along with rethinking how the university serves our students in key areas like registration, advising, curriculum management and student financials.

The Student Data Program, while closely aligned with the Student Sunrise Program, is uniquely separate in our mission. Our focus is not on system replacement, but to bring student-related data into the WashU Data Warehouse for the first time. While a central component of that is focused on adding data from Workday Student, we are also focusing on bringing in data from Admissions, Financial Aid, and Learning Management tools, as well as SIS historical data to name just a few.

Will Canvas data be put into the data warehouse?

Yes – Canvas data is on the Student Data Program’s roadmap. Our initial strategy, beginning in 2024, is to build a solid foundation that centers around the Student and academic record. From there, we are branching out to connect that foundation to a student’s admission data, financial aid data, and eventually Canvas. Timing is still being worked out.

How will I be able to access data?

There are four ways to access data:

How do I get trained on Cognos?

We offer both Cognos e-learnings and instructor-led training. The type of training you will need depends upon whether you will be writing custom reports or only accessing shared reports. You can learn more about these two training paths and other training details on our Cognos Training page.

Student-specific training will be scheduled later in the Program timeline to support go-live.

How can I learn more about the Student Data Program?

If you wish to learn more about the Student Data Program, you may contact Todd Zimmermann, Program Director.