Employee Demographics Package

The Employee Demographics package is available as part of the HCM packages and is located in Cognos within the Workday HCM Packages folder.

Employee demographic details in Cognos are organized into personal details like name (Formatted or Reporting name details), gender, ethnicity, biographic details such as date of birth and place of birth, marital status, nationality and citizenship.

Additionally, contact details such as address, phone and email for both home and work are present.

There are basic job and position information, including employment dates.

Military Service information and Identification information like visa or passport numbers, or national identification numbers are also available.

All changes to the data points are captured, and these changes will be available on Historical Reporting packages.

Data Security*: Some of this data is considered sensitive, so your availability to report on this would depend on the security assigned to you.

Two package varieties

Two varieties of Employee data exists within Cognos packages. There is the full, complete data package used for employee analytics, and there is a lighter footprint variety to be used within Compensation, Benefits and other such packages, as such analytics rarely depend on employee identification or military information, but more along gender or location based data.

Cognos Package Descriptions

Cognos packages for Employee demographics are laid out in the following way (as a descriptive example).

*Many fields within this reporting package such as Military, Identification, and Contact Info require elevated privileges in the data warehouse in order to pull data into your reports. Please see available Security Forms in Box and if there are questions, please contact Data Management Support