Streamlining Data Access: A Success Story with DestinyOne ODS

Destiny One Operational Data Store (ODS)

Streamlining data access through projects like DestinyOne Operational Data Store (ODS) is crucial for WashU to harness the full potential of our data. By enabling flexible and direct access to data it empowers employees like Haley Dolosic, Director of Data & Analytics with the School of Continuing & Professional Studies (CAPS), to generate more accurate […]

How the Data and Analytics Team Works to Provide Pivotal Data

Partners in Education with Parents Loan

The Student & Parent Loan Programs department in Student Treasury rebuilt their Partners in Education with Parents (PEP) application to replace their decommissioned application, and they approached the Data and Analytics (D&A) team for a solution to provide strong operational reporting capabilities for this data from a single source. “When I came in we had […]

Behind the Scenes: Economic Impact Report

Economic Impact

How the Data and Analytics Team Works to Provide Pivotal Data The Data and Analytics team helped leaders across our university gain invaluable insights into WashU’s Economic Impact in the region. This data also sheds light on a key goal of the Here and Next Strategy, which is to contribute positively to our home community of […]

About the Jobs & Positions Dataset

OVERVIEW   HCM Jobs, Positions, Requisitions, and Academic Appointment data is designed to help data consumers get a more comprehensive view of our employees and contingent workers. This data is integrated with existing data currently in the warehouse and is available in Cognos packages and via direct access using Tableau and other methods. Supervisory Organizations […]