HCM Jobs & Positions Data


HCM Jobs, Positions, Requisitions, and Academic Appointment data source package is designed to help data consumers get a more comprehensive view of our employees and contingent workers. This data is integrated with existing data currently in the warehouse and is available in Cognos packages and via direct access using Tableau and other methods.

You can find this package in Cognos under Team Content > Packages > HCM Reporting Packages > Workday HCM Packages.

Package Description

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Cognos Analytics

To help you get the most out of this datamart, we have provided you with several starting points in Cognos.

Pre-written Reports

All reports below are located in Cognos under: Team Content > Reports > HCM Reports> Jobs and Positions

Workers with Multiple Positions Report

The Report returns all workers with multiple Jobs/positions and their position details.

Supervisory Organization Report

This report helps leadership to review which supervisory organization has Open, Closed, and filled positions for over a period time.

Contingent Worker Report

This report shows a relationship between WashU and a contingent Worker, including information about the contingent worker and the assignment of the contingent worker to a position.

Demographic Report

This is a custom report that calculates active worker counts by supervisory organizations and positions FTE%. The Director of HR and Academic Chancellor will ask for these reports to better understand the demographics of applicants.

Academic Appointment Detail Report

The Academic Appointments functional area consists of data elements, policies and reporting related to faculty data (different from worker data) such as track, rank, tenure status, and academic unit(s) where appointed. This report is needed to provide to the Leadership and Chancellor Office.

Data Structure