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WashU’s Business Data Ecosystem

Accessing and analyzing data to make informed decisions has traditionally been a time consuming and manual process at WashU. We currently lack a robust infrastructure to store and connect our data across different systems, and our core HR and finance systems, HRMS and AIS/FIS, have limited reporting capabilities.

Through the MyDay program, we’re transforming our data and reporting environment to improve the university’s ability to collect, share, report and analyze data important for decision-making, while minimizing the risk of inconsistent or inaccurate data.

Watch the recording below from the MyDay Café series for an overview of our current environment versus what we’re planning for the future. View presentation slides »



Once we implement Workday, it’s anticipated that the majority of HR and financial reporting will be done inside the system itself, which features much more robust reporting capabilities than our current systems. As part of this project, we’ve collected all of the reports currently used for HR and financial reporting, including those from Cognos and WebFocus. Our goal is to incorporate as many of those reports as possible into Workday so all HR and finance reporting can be done in one central location.

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The data warehouse will be the central location for all other reporting, including:

  • Custom “ad hoc” reporting done by trained analysts
  • Cross-domain reporting – combining data from multiple source systems
  • “Legacy” reporting: HRMS and AIS/FIS data, pre-Workday

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The integrations project oversees how Workday exchanges data with other applications. Applications that currently exchange HR or financial data with HRMS or AIS need to be updated to integrate with Workday.

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System Retirements & Data Archival

When Workday goes live, all new HR and financial data will be entered there. No more data, minus a few exceptions, will be entered or edited in HRMS or AIS. Eventually, we will shut down those systems entirely, but not before we confirm that all data in HRMS and AIS are accounted for, archived, and accessible.

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Data Governance

The data governance project is key to ensuring that all of our data, soon to be more connected than ever, is both consistent and accurate.

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