Effective Data Stewardship Communities Elevate Data Governance

An effective data stewardship community elevates a Data Governance Program with a lens for proactive collaboration and striving for continuous improvement. Some key aspects include:      Data Collaboration: Foster collaboration between data stewards, data owners, and data users to facilitate data-informed-decision-making.  Continuous Improvement: Regularly review and refine data stewardship practices based on feedback and changing business needs.  Data […]

Data Governance Improves Accuracy for Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) at its core is a mathematical equation. Al takes a large amount of data, analyzes it, and produces predictions. Ensuring these predictions are accurate is where a governance framework can help. Data governance addresses concerns surrounding AI by increasing transparency and accountability by creating policies and processes. Overall, strong governance is necessary […]

Ways WashU’s Data Governance Program Enhances Data Quality 

The importance of data quality cannot be overstated. Accurate, reliable, and consistent data builds the foundation for sound data-informed decision-making, successful business operations, and trust of stakeholders.   WashU’s Data Governance Program focuses on building data proficiency, especially as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics grows. To be successful, data quality must remain a top priority […]

Download: The Collibra Browser Extension

The Collibra Browser Extension is an extension for Chromium-based browsers, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. This extension allows quick access to Collibra’s Data Intelligence Cloud so you can search for business terms, definitions, and acronyms from any web page, without having to open the Collibra application.  You can download and install the Collibra […]

New: Global Search Filter Developed to Improve Business User Experience. 

The Global Search feature within Collibra has proven to be both popular and helpful for most Business Users.  We’re excited to inform you how using a new filter can further improve your user experience and search results.  We recently developed a new Global Search filter to remove the Operational Data Catalog metadata from the Global […]

Collibra – Recently Updated Reports

RPT2941 – WU – Worker Change History – Updates to Worker Change History Report  New Prompts: – Date and Time Completed (Before and After)– Business Process Reason– Employee/Contingent Worker Type (Current and Proposed) Log into Collibra to review terms and definitions for RPT2941. RPT7172 – WU – Recently Recruited Staffing Additions Incumbent Worker New Report to View […]

Collibra – Recently Updated Reports

Monitor Contingent Worker Contracts Departmental HR Partners and Departmental HR Leads can run RPT6723 – WU – Contingent Workers with Expiring Contracts monthly to find supported contingent workers with expiring contracts. If the worker will be contracted beyond the contract expiration date, use the Change Contingent Worker Details task to extend the contract. Refer to the Change Contingent Worker Details tutorial […]

Collibra – Recently Updated Reports

Emergency Contacts It is critical that Managers verify workers have entered emergency contacts in Workday as part of emergency preparedness and response duties. Encourage workers to keep emergency contact information up to date and refer them to the Change Emergency Contacts tutorial. Run RPT2063 – WU – Emergency Contacts to review emergency contacts for active workers. Log into Collibra to review functional area […]

Collibra – Recently Updated Reports

Fiscal Year End Close Overview, Pending Financial Transactions Daily, Time Off Requests & Payroll Processing in Workday Now updated! The Fiscal Year End Close Overview page is a single source for all resources related to Fiscal Year End Close, including Timeline and Key Dates, the Central Finance Allocation Processing Schedule, and Functional Area Guides. Need assistance? Attend an Office Hours event for support […]

Helpful Steps for Creating Good Definitions

Collaboratively naming and defining business terms is central to the effort of data governance. A good definition will clearly name a data asset and differentiate it from all other assets. Making a definition descriptive, concise, free of ambiguity, and accessible to our WashU community. Seek uniqueness: When writing a definition, consider the unique attributes and potential […]

New Persona-based Dashboards in Collibra 

All Persona-based Workday Dashboards with Dashboard Tabs and associated Reports. These dashboards provide the highly requested ability to access information, common tasks, and recommended reports in a specific location.

Our Data Stewardship Community

The progression of this strategic initiative relies on the dedication and collaboration of our colleagues across the institution. The breadth of WashU’s Data Governance Program is vast, and we continue to make strides towards data maturity every day! At WashU, our Data Stewardship is aligned with a data domain then functional area(s) within this domain. A data domain […]

What Does WashU’s Data-Informed Culture Mean to You?

A successful data governance program means changing how we interact with data and asking people to think and behave differently about how their data is created, accessed and used. While the ODG may be best known for creating institutional data glossaries, there is much more happening.  We are grateful for the partnership with our data […]

The ODG Moves Under Institutional Effectiveness

As the academic year ends, the Office of Data Governance (ODG) has some exciting news to share. The ODG recently transitioned to the Institutional Effectiveness team, led by Nancy Mueller, associate provost. This alignment provides a better position to mature our institutional data culture, literacy, quality and enable greater efficiency of resources. The ODG’s strategic […]

Collibra – Recently Updated Reports

Review Pending Financial Transactions DailyRun RPT6938 – WU – FIN – Financial Transactions In Progress by School to provide detail on outstanding transactions and with whom items are awaiting action. Those with Reviewer or Approval roles must review transactions daily to ensure timely processing and approvals. All transactions need to be reviewed with appropriate action taken no […]

Collibra – Recently Updated Reports

Business Title Added to Two Timekeeping Reports  Business Title for the position a time entry is associated with is now included on RPT6579 – WU – Time Block in Excess of Prompted Threshold and RPT5984 – WU – Reported Time Blocks for a Worker. Business Title for any position a worker holds can now be found in the All […]

Collibra – Recently Updated Reports

Reporting Update: Current Budget Life to Date (LTD) Adjustment The following reports were updated to calculate the correct Free Balance when selecting a Prior Period. They now accurately reflect the budget or dollars that have been profiled for the Time Period selected. Log into Collibra to review functional area and associated business terms with definitions for RPT5166, RPT5557, RPT6042, RPT6264, and RPT6718. RPT5166 […]

Auditing Faculty Appointments, Monitor Contingent Worker Contracts, Payroll Deadlines

Begin Auditing Faculty AppointmentsHR Partners and Academic Partners must review and confirm academic appointment data for all supported workers by March 15 for the upcoming FY24 Faculty Reappointment process. Refer to the updated Faculty Reappointment Processing Guidelines reference guide and the Manage Academic Appointment tutorial. Run RPT5944-WU-Academic Appointment Detail Report for a list of current academic appointment details for workers. Log into Collibra to review […]

Manage Open Job Requisitions to Increase Visibility

Manage Open Job Requisitions to Increase Visibility of Job Postings There are over 600 WashU job postings that are more than 100 days old. Jobs posted 100 days or more are unlikely to attract new applicants. Hiring Managers, Departmental HR Partners and Departmental HR Partner Leads can run RPT6366 – WU – Manage Job Requisitions – Indexed to […]

Collibra & Coffee, Report Catalog Enhancements and New Redesigned Reports; Grant Award Summary and Detail & Onboarding Status Report

Calling ALL WashU Data Producers & Consumers!The Office of Data Governance (ODG) is offering informal & collaborative sessions to discuss recent Collibra enhancements report catalog, dashboards and associated metadata from the Workday to Collibra Integration. Join us Friday mornings at 8:30 a.m. for Collibra & Coffee to discuss Collibra’s latest updates and have your questions answered too!  Report Catalog […]