The Person API is the most comprehensive and robust API WashU has designed. The API returns over 36,000 records for Active, Retired, On Leave and Terminated workers. Each record contains more than 220 values. The data includes, but is not limited to: personal information, education history, and employment profile information.

Due to the amount of data returned from the Person API, it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out how to retrieve only the data that is required for an application. Thankfully there are multiple data values for integrators to filter on to get the needed data. The list below is not all encompassing, but includes some of the common data filtering options:

  • Supervisory Organization
  • Cost Centers or Cost Center Hierarchy Rollup
  • Academic Appointments
  • Location (Danforth Campus, Med-School Campus, or Olin Business School)
  • Active Status Workers only

Please check this page frequently as content is updated. If you have any questions, please visit our Integrations Support page for assistance.