The Person API is a powerful tool that provides demographic details for applications to consume. In fact, the API returns over 220 unique data values! To help narrow down the data use queries to filter the data and focus only on certain values.

Because the API returns current state transactional data only, historical and future dated information is not returned in calls to the API. To alleviate that issue, additional queries were created to provide Future Dated Hire, Deleted Workers and Termination data.

Below please review query details for each topic.

Future Dated Hires

Use of this query bypasses IDS and causes the /workers endpoint to query Workday directly to return all future hires between the current date/time and the date/time value specified by Future_Hire_Date. This also disables deltas, effective_date, and will not work with /workers/bulk nor /workers/(id)

Query ParameterData TypeSample

Based on the date in the sample, the query will return any future dated hire with a hire date through 01/22/22. Adjust the date to whatever end date is preferred.

Below is a sample query. This query returns all future dated hires through 12/31/21 (and only utilized the Personal section).

Please note – Future Dated Hires may not have all the data available with active employees. Until an employee completes the Onboarding business process in Workday, some data values may be missing.

Deleted Workers

Setting this parameter to true will cause the API to include deleted workers in the results (by default, deleted workers are not included). Setting this parameter to true will also cause all worker records to have a field, Deleted, that will be true or false depending on if the worker has been deleted or not.

Query ParameterData TypeSample

Below is a query sample. This query will add the Deleted field to the API call.,employment,compensation,organizations,roles,benefitenrollments,qualifications&include_deleted=true
Below are the results of adding the deleted query to the API call.

Deleted: false – is an active person record in Workday

Deleted: true – is a deleted person record in Workday


Setting this parameter to true will cause the following fields to return static, historical term/retiree data instead of null values:

  • Employment Profile>LocationHierarchy
  • Employment Profile>Campus
  • Employment Profile>WorkerPrimaryPositionType
  • Employment Profile>CostCenterHierarchyRollup
  • EmploymentProfile>EmploymentPosition[Primary]>Manager
Query ParameterData TypeSample

Below is a query sample that will add termination data to the API call.

Below are sample results from the API pull. The image on the left does not include the termination query and Primary Position Type is null. In the image on the right that used the termination query, the person’s last Primary Position Type of UNDR is available

Here is another example of results returned using the termination query. Campus is null when the query is not being used; the last campus location of Danforth is returned when the query is being used.

Please note:

  • The five fields detailed above are the only fields affected by the query.
  • Its possible that a field may still be null when using the termination query. In the query below, Manager is null regardless of the query being used.